Apple’s former CEO, who died a billionaire, Steve Jobs has said: “Eat your food as your
medicines, otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food.” It is said that good food is the best medicine, but what kind of food is “good”? I consider good food to be pure, it keeps your body young and healthy, it does not ruin the body. Food itself is meant to nourish. With that said, can we really call the things that we eat “food”?
Considering the fast pace of our modern society “healing food” can sound like utopia.
Urbanisation has led to tremendous changes in the food culture during the last decades. Foods that we consume end up at supermarkets packed in plastic, they contain dye and preservatives.

The origin of fruit and vegetables as well as the methods of cultivation are often quite suspicious.

Unfortunately, the ecologically pure alternative is too expensive for 80% of the residents. Eating different also requires a different approach and conscious changes in rooted habits, which makes it uncomfortable. These are the reasons why we often go for the cheaper and unhealthy options when it comes to food.

What can you do?
Pyramid energy is one of the easiest and most effective ways how you can improve the quality of your food and your life in general. Pyramid Products is a brand that values well-being. In cooperation with Estonian scientist we have created a unique and affordable product that is easy to use. It is an ancient technology that fits perfectly into your modern fast-paced routine.

The idea behind the Energy Pyramid is simple – to cleanse the food and charge it with a higher vibration. You can say that the Energy Pyramid vitalizes “dead food” and energizes pure food.

The Energy Pyramid is super simple to use! It is easily foldable and ready to use in the kitchen, the living area or office space. Pyramid energy affects many aspects of life in a positive way. In this article we focus on the positive effect on food.

One of the users shared his experience with me of how he uses the Energy Pyramid to grow sprouts, radish and onions in his kitchen:

“I have tried to grow sprouts, radish, onions and other things in my kitchen using the Energy Pyramid. I have to admit that the pyramid energy really works!
Mostly I use the Energy Pyramid to grow sprouts, but also to stimulate the growth of other plants. Growing sprouts at home gets more popular by day, it’s also very simple. Place the seed on the plate or a special base for sprouting and water it with room temperature water. It is necessary to cover the seeds with a moist cloth or sprouting paper, place the cloth under and over the seeds. Then you have to make sure that the cloth or paper remains moist. After that you can place the base with the seeds under the Energy Pyramid that has been correctly oriented and keep
it there until sprouting. You can collect your sprouts after 8-12 days. The length of the sprouts will be 6-8cm and you should consume them during a couple of days.
You can also use a sprouting kit, but it fits only under the L-size Pyramid. Sprouting kit’s advantage is that you can place different seeds on separate levels. The seeds swell when they grow, so make sure that you use the right amount of seeds. After placing the seeds on separate levels, you can put the levels on top of each other and pour 0,5l of room temperature water on the highest level. The water will drip through all the levels. You should remove the remaining water. You can use it to water plants, for example. You have to take care of your sprouts two times a day, in the morning and evening. Water them with 0,5l of clean water. The sprouting
time of the seeds is marked on the package.”
When you eat sprouts every day, you’ll feel happier!

A little about the nutritional value of sprouts.

The nutritional value of sprouts multiplies under the Energy Pyramid, because more necessary vitamins, enzymes and hormone precursors are being produced during the growth period. Also, it is easier for your body to consume these kind of sprouts since a lot of carbohydrates, fats and proteins are being split and changed during this process. Sprouts contain a lot of fermentation energy, so use only fresh and unprocessed sprouts. You can find D and K vitamins, carotenoids and minerals like potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, cobalt, sulfur, silicon, iron and others in sprouts. Irreplaceable amino acids and unsaturated fats form during sprouting, also the number of E and B group vitamins increase.

Sprouts help the body to cleanse itself, detox, get rid of excessive cholesterol, inorganic and other toxic substances. They also make mutagens less harmful, help heal bening and malignant tumors. If you have children, then you should have sprouts at your table all year round, since the needs of a growing organism are considerably larger.

Suitable seeds for sprouting: wheat, rye, barley and oats. The seeds that are used most often are lentil, mung bean, chickpea, fenugreek, clover, alfalfa.

You can get sprouts with unique flavours from cruciferous vegetables’ seeds like radish, mustard, rucola, broccoli, watercress. Quite tasty are the sprouts from sunflower, cucumber, pumpkin, buckwheat, sesame, beets and onion seeds.
Choose only quality seeds since your body deserves the best. Use the Energy Pyramid for conscious consuming. Buy your Pyramid now to better the quality of your food!