Gift for a friend, relative or co-worker

The Energy Pyramid is a practical helper in every healthy lifestyle enthusiast’s or conscious consumer’s home or office. The Pyramid allows you to improve your daily quality of life and the environment around you. Hundreds of uses are available and the user does not require a change in daily life rhythms or habits.

  • XS- extra small: h-90mm;120x120mm;
  • S- small: h-145mm;200x200mm;
  • M- medium: h-200mm;300x300mm;
  • L- big: h-290mm; 400x400mm

Position the pyramid in a suitable place with the side-panes directed north-south. Use the compass to determine the direction, making sure it is showing correctly. In the absence of a compass, there are also different apps you can use to replace the compass.

The detailed pyramid manual is downloadable or printable here.
The manual contains very practical examples that are especially useful when you give a pyramid to someone who has never heard of it.

The pyramid assembly is a breeze; it only takes seconds.