The Energy Pyramid is built on the principles used by the ancient Egyptians. Even if you remember something else from school, the pyramids in Egypt were always, first and foremost, gigantic powerhouses for concentrating free energy, not tombs with gorgeous carvings. The pyramid is not merely an ancient symbol, but an energetic instrument capable of absorbing and directing the energy of the universe. The bigger it is, the farther it is able to absorb and transmit energy.

Pyramid – “Lifeforce”

The word pyramid leads to the Greek words “pyra” and “maidos”. The word Pyramidos has been translated as “Fire In The Middle” and is a symbol of lifeforce. This powerful and pure word also sums up the purpose and meaning of the Energy Pyramid – to collect and direct energy to positively influence us as well as the environment around us, the materials, substances, thoughts, health and subconscious surrounding us.


What is Pyramid Energy?

The model pyramid is designed for home use to generate two types of energy:

  • The internal energy of the pyramid is the “life energy” with minus-charged electromagnetic potential, which helps to clean, revitalize and recharge objects placed in the pyramid. The pyramid draws energy in much the same way as an antenna – energy creates a vibrating field that causes molecules to move in every substance placed inside the pyramid. Pyramid energy affects materials efficiently and fairly quickly.
  • External energy is bio-energy with plus and minus electromagnetic potential, which has a stimulating effect on the environment around the pyramid. The external energy of the pyramid has a positive impact on the entire dwelling and the surrounding environment.


What can you do with the Energy Pyramid?

The pyramid allows you to improve the quality of daily life and the environment around you. In most cases, it does not require any changes in your daily rhythm or habits.

With the Energy Pyramid You can:

  • Load jewellery, precious and healing stones and amulets and cleanse them from negative energy.
  • Reduce the negative effects of nutritional supplements and medicines.
  • Improve the taste and healing properties of water, juices and juice drinks.
  • Extend the shelf life and improve the taste of bread, pastry and flour products.
  • Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and improve the taste.
  • Improve the properties of cosmetics.
  • To harmonize the energy of the dwelling and to convey wishes to the information field.
  • Improve the aroma and taste of coffee and tea.

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