Children, studying and pyramid energy?


In order to improve spatial energy, it is possible to place correctly oriented Energy Pyramids generally in only two corners of the room, assuming that from the lateral sides of the pyramids that improve spacial energy, only the outer energy of the pyramid spreading from the western and northern side portions will function in the direction of the space

The form of a tiny pyramid placed on the table has a soothing effect on the child’s spirituality and sensual perception. A pyramid that is placed in a free space on a desk, but is not oriented to the cardinal points, can be a beneficial milieu valuable form. A pyramid that is correctly aligned with the cardinal points also acts as an improver of energy of its immediate surroundings and the person in it, when the western and / or northern side of the pyramid is in the direction of the person. The eastern and / or southern sidewalls should be oriented away from the person. A large and moderate pyramid can also be hung from its apex with a fine thread above the Computer work, resting and sleeping area at the height which provides free movement under the pyramid. Hanging the pyramid above a work that requires active thinking is not advisable because the frequency of the internal energy of the pyramid is too calming.

The placement of energy pyramids under the chairs of a study or other work and resting place and under the bed is categorically unrecommended because of the strong energy coming from the tip of the pyramid that has detrimental effect on the human body. The tuning of the external and internal energy of the pyramid that is correctly oriented to the Cardinal points will take 20 minutes.

  • The size and dimensions of the pyramid must be correct; the four sliding slopes should be clean of dirt and scratches and kept away from electronic objects. Such a requirement is correct.
  • Pyramid as your personal tool – rather not to share with others, especially regarding healing goals. Such a claim is an exaggeration.
  • How can we tell if the pyramid works? Hold the pendulum above tip of the pyramid and monitor the movement of the rotation . When commuting shows spiral, circular, rotating movements above the pyramid, it indicates to an energy flow. If the pyramid is correctly oriented to the cardinal points, the pyramid’s outer energy is concentrated on the top of the pyramid and can be detected by a pendulum and a paper strip. The presence of external energy above the tip of the pyramid also requires the presence of internal energy.